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4K 35x Optical Zoom | IP55 Rating 56x Dual Thermal Zoom | High-Precision Visual Navigation

EVO Max Series

720° Obstacle Avoidance | Non-GPS Return-to-Home 42 Mins Flight Time | Automatic Obstacle Rerouting

EVO II Enterprise V3

15 km FCC | RTK Module Compatible ADS-B Signal Receiver | 42 Mins Flight Time


15 km FCC | RTK Module Compatible ADS-B Signal Receiver | 42 Mins Flight Time

EVO Nest

Rapid Deployment | 7 km Operation Range 30 Mins Fast Charging | All Weather Performance Light Weight Design | IP55 Rating | AES-256 Encryption

Dragonfish Series

158 Mins Flight Time | 3 Mins Quick Assembly 4K 50x Optical Zoom | 29 km Transmission Range

Autel Dragonfish Nest

Auto Takeoff, Landing, And Charging | Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, Or Remote Piloting -53°C to 32°C Operating Temperature Cloud Management | Intelligent Power Swap System Custom Solutions | Data Security

Uses Cases and Applications

As the Strategic Solution Partner and Authorized Distributor of Autel in Thailand, we are committed to delivering innovative and cutting-edge drone technologies to support the various project needs and applications of our clients.

Spatial Planning

Create accurate digital representation of different environments to allow for intuitive location planning

Engineering, Survey & Construction

Provide real-time support for construction planning, progress monitoring and supervision

Transmission Towers and Distribution Pole Asset Integrity

Carry out close-up aerial inspection of the asset components of grid transmission towers and distribution poles

Transmission Towers and Distribution Poles Inspection

Carry out long-distance and close-up accurate aerial data capture on the health monitoring of transmission lines and components

Substation Inspection

AI situational awareness drives an intelligent transformation of power substations

Security Surveillance and Patrolling

Enhance the level of public security with the intelligent drones for real-time data visualization and intervention actions

Oil and Gas Assets Inspection

Improve overall asset conditions and integrity to support lower inspection costs and high quality data

Law Enforcement and National Defense

Provides real-time situational awareness of the national borders and critical sites (air, land and sea)

AI and Robotics Ventures Co Ltd

We provide a comprehensive suite of support service options to our clients, including Autel Care coverage, after-sales support, parts supply, and specialist training services.

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